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In August 2003, Bromley shot seven key scenes from Malaise, the screenplay written by James O’Brien. These have been edited into a forty-minute melodrama and have been retitled STILL LIFE (Still Life is co-funded by French producer Isobel De Amour and Bromley’s own production company 1968 Film Group).

The cast is multilingual, coming from Italy, Spain, Ireland, Israel, England and Scotland. The leads are played by Alice Margarolia and Daniel O’Brien with support from Francisco Pereiro, Carles Calleja, Michal Hochman, Christopher Lewis, and Ailie Rutherford. Photography and Sound is by Sophie Tomlinson and Robert L Wilson. Post-Production by Peter Bromley and Brigitte Fury.

Rough outline of Still Life

The curator (played by Daniel O’Brien) appears as a “buffoon”, a fall guy to the greater integrity of the "Artist", yet as the film progresses a seismic shift in our perceptions is revealed, the curator metaphorically “killing” the artist as he rises through the ranks of the curatorial morass.

We then have a series of startling visual vignettes as the inter-connectedness of the art world and its vectors is explored, the curator's actress girlfriend (played by Alice Margaroli) a poet discussing the meaning of film.

Peter Bromley is represented by 1968 Film Group