Tokyo Short Film Festival Interview

Film Programmer Lillian Thompson from the Tokyo Short Film Festival asks the Interview questions, Peter does his best to answers them. "I make personal documentaries about people that I believe too easily escape the broader based discussion they deserve, like the subject around being working class and what that means today. My film The Family Project (Le Projet Familial) set in Paris covers these kind of themes"

New York - Close-Up Magazine

Le Projet Familial "captures the Demailly’s who have lived in the same area of Paris for over a century. Filmmaker Peter Bromley films the lives of this working class family at a time of political, social and cultural changes in French society. His film asks what does it mean to be French today? Bromley’s beautiful observational film is a welcome change to most agenda heavy documentaries, it was awarded Best Feature Documentary at Tokyo International Film Festival. I can see why, it’s a real treat to watch and so insightful to everyday French life"

LightBox Gallery Liverpool Biennial

"Peter Bromley's Somme Project is about memory, landscape and the sense of absence which dominates the localities which were touched by the Battle of the Somme. The Project attempts to record the journeys made by those who took part in the battle and the subsequent visits made by others since. Attempting to understand what was experienced by those locked in five months of intense fighting is difficult, if not impossible... The Project attempts to create a series of metaphors for these complex experiences through the contemporary use of photography, film and sound, alongside a walking of the ‘Somme’ as it exists in the present-day landscape" For me the fact that the 'Somme Project' exhibition at the LightBox Gallery ends in Liverool after it's journey holds even more meaning" Claude Moureau Bondy - Positif Paris

David Somerset British Film Institute

"Filmmaker Peter Bromley is a master image maker whose creative life began as a self-taught photographer. Bromley's early works are fine crafted black and white prints. His love and appreciation of visual arts and his devotion to the golden age of cinema with Jean Luc Godard as a guiding light, drew him to work in a cinéma vérité style of filming. Bromley is dedicated to the creative act, his documentaries are made possible through the collective efforts of the 1968 Film Group"

The Brighton Film Festival

“Peter Bromley’s film ‘Various Songs’ is based around 2 former Creation Records artists. Terry Bickers & Pete Fij. Bickers who hasn’t spoken on camera for years offers us a different side to his known personality in the film. Fij for his part speaks of releasing an album without a major label behind them. Bromley's beautiful film is a unique document of two musicians who are passionate about playing and recording together. The film received its premiere at the Documentary Film Centre in the Museum of Moscow just last month”

British Council Film Festival Moscow

"Peter Bromley's new documentary Various Songs is about 2 musicians, Pete Fij & Terry Bickers. Both are former label-mates of Creation Records, one of the most important record companies of the 80s and 90s. Bromley's beautiful film is a unique document of two musicians who are passionate about playing and recording music. The film receives its premiere at the Documentary Film Centre in the Museum of Moscow"

Imperial War Museum London

On The Somme - "The region of Picardy in Northern France was the location of some of the heaviest fighting along the Western Front in the First World War. Peter Bromley's cinematically rich On The Somme film essay presents a multi-faceted depiction of the landscape of this area. Despite the unmistakable tranquillity of the region, the film conveys the sense with which the conflict and its casualties are written in to the land itself"

Bradford City of Film

On The Somme - "Peter Bromley's film is a simultaneously intimate and cinematic survey of the landscape of Picardy, scene of some of the heaviest fighting on the Western Front. Based on still photographs that Bromley had previously taken of the scars on the landscape, the tranquillity of the piece was a subtle and moving exploration of how war becomes a part of its environment, and the longevity of its impact... Watching the film is very moving"

The International Photography Awards New York City

Somme Project takes Silver Award at the IPA in New York City. "The IPA is determined to recognize and award photography's leading talent who are creating, shaping and changing the world of photography today. The Somme Project fits this category"

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

"In his close-up portrait 'Charles Hayward Recorded' Peter Bromley shows the dedication and passion with which Hayward approaches his music and craft. Bromley has created a very unique and poetic documentary. The screening of the film in the festival will be its world premiere"

British Film Institute

On The Somme: "The particular creative challenge of the project itself is immense - to creatively treat a period of the first world war history - a period characterized by a new phase in human barbarity - one that would produce carnage and destruction to life on an industrial, hitherto unknown scale... this brings me to think about the film as a piece of visual poetry, a poetic treatment of a changing visual landscape as much as an historical meditation. In the arresting beauty of the images, the war seems to be some distant nightmare - the many thousands of dead who were never given a proper burial still only just a footfall beneath the surface"

Sunday Times

"The beauty of Peter Bromley's images come from their fundamental simplicity and directness. Their mystery lies in the sense of human, earthly familiarity they evoke"

Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design

"Peter Bromley is a photographer, filmmaker who makes films and photographs about people and activities that he believes too easily escape the broader based discussion they deserve"

Time Out

"The Passenger is Peter Bromley's second book. Of the book's two parts, the first continues his interest in the informal portrait; assured, personal and with a simple, direct quality. The second deals with abstract, textural subjects; the images here have a cool, quiet feel, reflecting Bromley's concerns with the quality of light on a surface. The two parts add up to a fine book of photographs; and beautifully printed"

The British Journal Of Photography

"There's still just time to catch Peter Bromley's exhibition at London's Portfolio Gallery. The show features images capturing some beautiful moments in time"

The Art Newspaper

"Bromley's great photographic skill is his ability to take apparently everyday objects and images and transform them, through his camera lens, into subjects for deep contemplation. Thus, the portrait of a veiled woman, her head bowed in mourning, becomes an image of the Madonna. Bromley's photographs are untitled, allowing the observer to formulate his own response to the images before him. Looking at Bromley's work becomes an intensely personal experience as the observer's own thoughts and responses are released in front of him"


"Bromley's photographs span most areas of work. His portraits are calm and sympathetic, his interiors full of depth and tone. Ranna McArdle's poems are rhythmic and sad. She laments the passing of time, and the pain that always accompanies love in personal relationships. Both Bromley and McArdle's choice of subject matter is often predictable, but these, however, are just minor personal niggles. Buy the book, borrow it, thumb through the pages, and enjoy it"

The Marseille Film And Theatre Festival

"Bromley's films work on many levels and follow a complex montage of images and sounds. Sometimes these ideas work, sometimes they don't. But Bromley is still an interesting filmmaker to watch"


"Peter Bromley's working relationship with Dance Company Kelemenis, based in Marseille, is more than 20 years old, it's produced photographs, short films, audio works and now stage sets. Premiered late last night at Lyon Opera House... but what a beautiful experience it was to see them on stage with the dancers"

The Independent

"Bromley takes the narrative film kicking and screaming into the world of the avant-garde"

Peter Bromley is represented by 1968 Film Group

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